郡上ガイド 美並


A water activity area with
the best clear stream is Nagaragawa River.

Minami area, where Nagaragawa River, one of the clearest streams in Japan, is flowing, is located at the southern end of Gujo-shi. Nagaragawa River has abundant water throughout the year for you to enjoy nature through water activities such as playing at the river, rafting, and canoeing. Ayu caught in Nagaragawa River is known as Gujo Ayu. In summer, it is an area crowded with anglers and people who enjoy catching Ayu. In addition, this area has a deep connection as the hometown of Enku with over 158 Enku Buddhas remained. You can enjoy a trip knowing more about Enku at Enku Research Center in Nihon-manmannaka Center and Enku Furusatokan (Enku Furusatokan, Minami Life Museum).