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A trip to Gujo
It’s a place you want to visit once, twice, three times and more.

Gujo, with traditional culture and long history,
offers a variety of seasonal experiences.

Other than visiting popular sightseeing spots,
You can experience a new life living in the area,
or taste local food.

Every time when you come,
new discovery is waiting for you!

Take a walk in the back alley away from the main street,
or play with a cat at the storefront.

Getting along with local people
While watching the old townscape, sensing the nature,
You can find it is more and more interesting.

We wish you can find you
own exciting discovery.

We, Gujo Tourism Federation hope that
people who have never been to Gujo,
or who know about Gujo,
would come and visit us after reading our website.

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This seven polygons
represent the areas of Gujo.
Seven areas form a circle,
And become one
We support your “Gujo trip”.

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