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TABITABI Gujo Editor Team is within Gujo Tourism Federation operating this website TABITABI Gujo. TABITABI Gujo is a comprehensive media site for sightseeing in Gujo introducing attractive tourist information in Gujo.

We are waiting for requests such as “I want you to cover here!” “I want to know more about the suggested Itinerary!” from those who come for sightseeing. We are also looking for information such as “Please interview me!” “Please correct the information!” from those who live in Gujo.

Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

junichi koka 江夏潤一

junichi koka

When I heard about TABITABI Gujo,
I was worried about how I should draw as I do not know Gujo.
I was able to know more about this place through Neko chief editor
when I encounter “New things and people’s lives in Gujo”
and deepened my understanding of the city.

Gujo has its seasonal experiences and natural scenery of Japan.
When I know more about it, the more nostalgic and familiar I found,
and I felt comfortable and healed.
It was just like going home.

I thought it is better to let Neko chief editor enjoy
with his family and friends in the forest.
So, I decided to draw all of their lives in Gujo.

As they appear on TABITABI Gujo here and there,
I hope you can find them while browsing the website.

Neko chief editor 全イラスト