郡上ガイド 明宝


An area with the scenery of mountain village
having seasonal view and food.

Meiho area deep in the mountains is located along the river from Gujo Hachiman to Takayama-shi, making it a perfect area for a drive where you can enjoy fresh greenery in spring and red leaves in autumn. Other than all the sightseeing spots such as Meiho Ham, Meiho Gelato, Meiho Kei-chan at Roadside Station Meiho (Surusumi-no-sato Park), Meiho History & Folk Museum, and Meiho Ham Factory at Meiho Plateau, you can also enjoy camping, BBQ in summer, and skiing in winter. Kunita family Shiba-zakura, which is in full bloom during Golden Week, is spectacular scenery. It is an area where you can enjoy nature and local food in each season.