Remains of Shinowaki Castle

Hiking at Remains of Shinowaki Castle
to experience the history and nature of Gujo Yamato

The To Family once ruled Gujo and used to live in Shinowaki Castle for about 230 years for 8 generations. This mountain castle was abandoned in 1541. It takes about 30 minutes by walking along the small path while enjoying the greenery and plants, starting from Kokindenju-no-sato Field Museum. You can see a monument of Remains of Shinowaki Castle on the peak of Mt Shinowaki at an altitude of 570m. Although it is a peak, it is not like climbing a mountain. Because you only need to climb a steep slope. Not only castle fans are visiting, but also popular as an excursion for local children and a hiking route for the elderly. On the way to the top of the mountain, you can see the moats and earthworks of the castle. Let us enjoy a one-hour round-trip hike while thinking about the time of Lord To and feeling the history and nature.