Make Your Ski Debut at Snow Resort Gujo!
Best Ski Resort for Your Debut!
Make Your Best Memory at Snow Resort Gujo

スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP) スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP)

A smooth wide road is suitable for beginners.

スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP) スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP)

Ride a gondola to the mountaintop and enjoy the excellent views.

スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP) スキーデビュー(キャンペーンLP)

Please also enjoy local dishes after skiing!

Wanna go skiing or snowboarding? But feel a bit afraid because of no experience?
How about making your ski debut at Snow Resort Gujo? There are 10 ski resorts in Gujo-shi are all having routes for beginners. Many schools are authorized by Ski Association of Japan and Japan snowboarding Association. You can come here empty handed and rent all your equipment at rental shops. More local gourmet, hot springs and sightseeing spots are waiting for you after you enjoyed skiing!

Let’s make your first ski memory at Snow Resort Gujo!

Choosing ski resort
Renting equipment
School check-in
Starting lesson
Lunch at ski slope
Hot spring

Selecting suitable ski resort from 10 resorts at Gujo.

Let us find your ski resort!

Snow Resort Gujo, where you can enjoy the best powder snow, has 3 big characteristics! The longest length of runway, longest opening hours and longest operation period. All 10 ski resorts are providing ski routes for beginners. You do not need to worry even if it is your first time.

Different ski resorts have different characteristics, location, routes and opening hours. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. We have roundup all the characteristics here!

The longest length of runway in West Japan!

The longest opening hours from sunrise till night!

The longest operation period from early November till Golden Week (early May)



Snow Resort Gujo is near to the center of Gujo-shi. You can access by car or by bus!

Snow Resort Gujo is located at the center of Gifu-ken. If you travel by Tokaiokuriku Expressway, you only need 1.5 hours from Nagoya and 3 hours from Osaka! Some ski resorts are only 10 minutes’ drive from interchange. It is very easy to get to any of them even from!
However, if you are not confident in driving on slopes or on snow among the mountains, you can try to get a free shuttle bus from Hachiman area in Gujo-shi. You can come by car and take shuttle bus to get to the ski resort! Some ski resorts are providing nonstop buses from Nagoya or Shin-osaka. It is easy to get to ski resort even you do not own a car.

10 ski resorts in Gujo-shi. Some are located near to Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Interchange.

See more about “Safe drive on snowy road” in Gujo outdoor site “GUJO Outdoor Experiences”.
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Nonstop buses from urban area, hotels and bus tours are all available. You can go empty handed!
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Renting equipment

Renting full equipment from boots to wear and accessory at rental shop!

You can get all you needed from wear to skis at any rental shops in Gujo. You do not need to worry if you come without bringing anything! Some visitors bring their own accessories like wears, gloves, goggles and borrow shoes and skis. You can go to the ski slope right after you borrow your equipment from rental shop at the ski resort. If your equipment is damaged, they can come and solve it immediately. Rental shops nearby are offering discount for their items. You do not need to wait for long even during peak seasons. Please keep all receipts and tags you get until you return your items. If you get all your equipment, let us get changed at the changing room in the rental shop or ski slope. Please remember to keep your time.

Experienced staff will help you. No need to worry!

So many items are available here! It is difficult to choose!

Many people are wondering what to wear. Please see here to solve your problem!
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Checking in at school

After getting all equipment, let go check-in at ski school.

If you are worried about getting hurt or do not know how to ski?

If you are beginner of skiing, it is normal to be worried. But please relax! You can learn all basic skills at the school and learn gradually without any concerns. Schools are all authorized by Ski Association of Japan and Japan Snowboarding Association. Some of them are operating by Olympic athletes. You can choose from one-to-one lesson or small group lesson to suit your needs. Not only lessons for beginners but also lessons for improving skills. Although many schools accept reservation on that day, we recommend you make a reservation in advance.

From basic to advanced lesson, you can absolutely find a lesson suitable for you.

You can learn from the basic. You do not need to worry about getting hurt.

Authorized instructors teach you carefully. You can improve comfortably.


Let us go to the ski slope!

Let’s go! Enjoy the best powder snow at the ski slope!

At first, you may not be familiar with skiing, but with the help of trained instructors, you can get used to it. Some schools only need half a day. You can enjoy skiing after learning. Please enjoy the panorama view from the peak and high quality of powder snow.
If you do not want to ski or snowboard here, you can still find lots to enjoy. Please come and check here!

You will definitely become a fan of this high-quality powder snow in Gujo.

A beautiful view from the ski slope. If the weather is good enough, you can see the mountains far away.

Set free like a bird at the winter zip-line.
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Lunch at the ski slope

Get some energy supply for your tired body!

Skiing and snowboarding need many energies and power. So, please remember to have your lunch. Food at the ski slope is not only filling your stomach but also too tasty that food is becoming one of the biggest reasons for getting to the slope. Every ski resort is providing great menus at restaurant and café. Some of them are serving Gujo local cuisine too. If it is very crowded during lunch hour, you may try to shift your lunch time.

Enjoy your delicious lunch and play hard at the ski slope.

Ramen (Japanese soup noodles) is the most regular menu in ski resorts.

Please try the recommended menu from all ski resorts!

How about taking a rest at this modern café at the peak?


Hot spring

Have a hot bath after skiing is so relaxing!

Bathing in a hot spring after skiing and snowboarding is highly recommended! There are many hot spring facilities at Gujo. Some are providing outdoor open-aired hot spring that you can see the starry night and wooden bath too. Many visitors come because the water is good for people’s skin and metabolism. If you are traveling by car, we recommend you find your favorite one among all the hot springs in Gujo. Please also see here for more hot springs!
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Heal your tiredness at an open-aired hot spring.

This water is good for your ski. It can improve metabolism too.

It has a foot bath too. You can come here to have a foot bath easily.


A local cuisine for dinner

After refreshing, let us have some nice Gujo cuisine for dinner!

There are so many delicious cuisines in Gujo! You cannot miss the best gourmet in Gujo! Kei-chan (Stir fried chicken in miso sauce), wild game meat with Okumino curry, Tsukemono steak (Pickles steak) and many other local cuisines are all in Gujo. If you are not driving, high quality local Gujo sake and Doburoku (Home-brewed sake) are very recommended! Gujo, one of the best 100 water in Japan, is designated as Doburoku Special Zone. The local sake produced here is one of the most popular specialties. See more about the gift from nature.
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The most famous local cuisine Kei-chan. If you have not tried it before, do not forget before you leave!

Wild game meat and wild vegetable can only be found inside the nature of Gujo.

Remember to try the local sakes produced by the famous water in Gujo!



Stay at Gujo for at least one night to experience the wide varieties of accommodation

Staying, playing and fully enjoying at Snow Resort Gujo is also recommended!
If you want to continue skiing on the next day, you can stay at the hotel of the ski resort. If you want to have more private with your friends, a cottage is nice for you. Hotels or guest houses with great services are also available for you. Select the best accommodation to meet your plan and style. Gujo Hachiman is also call Little Kyoto with old style townscape. Adding some activities to enjoy the whole Gujo is very nice too!

Variety of accommodation is so wide including ski resort hotel, cottage, guest house and others. You can choose the most suitable one for yourself!

If you want to stay at a cottage after skiing, please also
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If you want to go sightseeing in Gujo, please also
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Map of surrounding area