Life besides water

Life besides water

Four seasons at Gujo Hachiman, the water town


Ayu (Sweetfish) and Amago (dwarf rill trout) are released in spring. All people in the town clean up the rivers and waterways throughout the town in preparation for summer tourists and anglers. It is also beautiful when water is thawed.


Speaking of Gujo Hachiman’s summer of course is Gujo Odori Dance Festival. Along Yoshidagawa River, lanterns are lit at night, and paper-framed lamps are decorating the town. You can only see sprinkling water and watermelons chilled in water boat in summer.


Red leaves are beautiful in autumn. The Autumn color of Gujo Hachiman Castle and Jionzenji Temple are spectacular. “Gujo Hachiman Momiji Festival” will be held, and the entire town will be filled with the atmosphere of autumn.


Snow scenes are beautiful in winter. Miso and soy sauce are prepared using cold water. Koinobori-no-Kanzara is a winter tradition of Gujo Hachiman. Fabric becomes firmer and more colorful when exposed to cold water in the river.

Reference : “Gujo Hachiman, a town of water Wisdom to utilize the water” issued by Gujo City