Town of water, Gujo Hachiman

Town of water, Gujo Hachiman

Four seasons at Gujo Hachiman, the water town

Ayu (Sweetfish) and Amago (dwarf rill trout) are released in spring. All people in the town clean up the rivers and waterways throughout the town in preparation for summer tourists and anglers. It is also beautiful when water is thawed.

History of water and Gujo Hachiman

A mountain castle was built on Mt Hachiman in 1559, and Gujo Hachiman was formed as its castle town. The waterway was constructed after the great fire in 1652, However, in 1919, a large fire broke out again, so the waterway was replaced and redeveloped. The current canal network was established. Water reaches every corner of the town has come to be used not only as fire prevention but also as domestic water. It is now an indispensable part of the town’s life.