Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia9

Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia9

Kamiho-no-yu  Shirotori Area  Kamiho-no-yu The most relaxing bath healing for your body and soul!

There is a private outdoor bath for you to spend a special time with your family and friends, and a membership gym where you can do exercise before taking a bath. At Kitchen Kamiho and Cafe Bar KAMIHO, you can also enjoy meals using local ingredients. A wide variety of bathtubs, including a spacious large communal bath and a cypress bath, are excellent for skin and recovery from fatigue. This high-quality hot spring gives you the best healing ever.


Hot Spring Information

Spring Quality Sodium-hydrogen carbonate hot spring
Benefit Chronic skin disease, cuts, neuralgia, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, bruises, coldness, fatigue recovery, muscle pain, chronic digestive diseases, skin-beautifying effect
Amenity goods Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, cotton swab, lotion
For sale Face towel 150JPY, bath towel 400JPY, nylon towel set 250JPY, etc.
Facility service Support  Not supported
Empty-handed Open-air bath
Reservation Food
Accommodation Credit card


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