Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia3

Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia3

Yamato Onsen Yasuragikan  Yamato Area  Yamato Onsen Yasuragikan A new Japanese-style bath adjacent to Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato

This hot spring which was rebuilt from Shinden-zukuri (Domestic palatial architecture in Heian era), is located next to Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato. The two bathrooms, “Ayamegusa”, where a magnificent waterfall flows through the open-air bath, and “Kinuginu-no-koi”, which has a slide for children. These two baths change weekly for men and women. This unique bath with the theme of “Having fun at hot springs” is popular with men and women of all ages. At the restaurant, you can enjoy local dishes such as “Kei-chan (Stir fried chicken with miso sauce)” set meal and “Special curry rice”.

Yamato Onsen Yasuragikan

Hot Spring Information

Spring Quality Sodium-chloride / hydrogen carbonate hot spring
(Hypotonic neutral hot spring)
Benefit Neuralgia, muscle pain, chronic digestive diseases, etc.
Amenity goods Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, brush, cotton swab, lotion
For sale Nylon towel 200JPY, bath towel 510JPY, face towel 210JPY, shaver 50JPY, toothbrush 50JPY
Facility service Support  Not supported
Empty-handed Open-air bath
Reservation Food
Accommodation Credit card


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