Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia2

Gujo Onsen Hot Spring Encyclopedia2

郡上温泉 宝泉  Minami Area  Nihonmanmannaka-onsen Kodakaranoyu Entrance located at a platform of a train station, Minami-kodakaraonsen!

Entrance located at a platform of a train station, Minami-kodakaraonsen! When you get off the train, you can see the entrance to the hot spring! It is a rare hot spring in Japan which is attached to a train station. You can enjoy a unique atmosphere here, like traffic lights that indicate time of arrival of trains. The open-air bath is spacious. There is also a wooden bath where you can feel relaxed with good smell, steam bath and sauna room available.
After taking a hot bath, you can take a rest at the rest corner or have some food at Restaurant Koyasu. Udon noodles, Soba noodles and rice bowls are provided.

Nihonmanmannaka-onsen Kodakaranoyu

Hot Spring Information

Spring Quality Alkaline simple hot spring
Benefit Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, coldness, post-illness recovery, fatigue recovery, health enhancement
Amenity goods Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, cotton swab, lotion
For rental Bath towel 100JPY
For sale Body towel 200JPY, toothbrush 50JPY, shaver 50JPY, cosmetic amenity goods (cleansing product, lotion, milky lotion, etc.) 300JPY
Facility service Support  Not supported
Empty-handed Open-air bath
Reservation Food
Accommodation Credit card


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