Takasu Area Takasu Snow Park

Takasu Area Takasu Snow Park

Takasu Area Takasu Snow Park

Skiing slopes for a wide range of people
Cafe with great view from mountaintop is very popular!

Takasu Snow Park is a ski resort in Takasu-cho for skiing and snowboarding for beginners and Olympians. At an altitude of 1,550m on Mt Dainichigatake, cafe “TAKASU TERRACE” with a spectacular view above the clouds is so popular that visitors are lining up during weekends. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see the sea of clouds at the top of the mountain. You can take a gondola with 15 seats with a total length of 2,700m to the top of the mountain easily. There are 3 slopes with a total length of about 4,000m out of a total of 12 courses. The longest is a super long course of about 4,900m. During high season, you can go up and down the mountain with one set ticket together with DYNALAND. At the kids park, you can try sledding and experience snowmobiles only on weekends and public holidays.

猫編集長 スノボ

Number of trails 12

Maximum slope 40°

Maximum skiing distance 4,900m

Level 47% for beginners,
24% for intermediate,
29% for advanced

Ratio Ski 30%,
Snowboard 70%


Address 3086-1, Takasu-cho Nishibora, Gujo-shi, Gifu-ken, 501-5305
Telephone 0575-72-7000
Period Early December – early May
Opening hours Weekdays : 08:00 – 16:30
Weekends, public holidays & Year-end New Year holidays : 07:30 – 16:30
Holidays Opens everyday
Access 10 minutes from Takasu IC of Tokai Hokuriku Expressway
15 minutes from Hirugano-kogen SA Smart IC of Tokai Hokuriku Expressway
Parking area Available (3000 parking lots)
  • Ordinary cars, mini motorcar 1000JPY
  • Minibus, camping car (Less than 30 seats) 1000JPY
  • Large bus (30 seats or more) 2000JPY
Payment method <Credit card / Cash>
Credit card : VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners / Discover / UnionPay
Foreign language English : ★★★★☆ Chinese : ★★★★☆
Official website https://www.takasu.gr.jp/
  • * Opening period depends on weather.
Please see official website for details.
  • ■Lift ticket
    ◎Takasu Dyna set lift ticket
    (Takasu Snow Park & DYNALAND)
    1-day ticket / High teen discount (16-18 years old) / Senior discount (55 years old and above) / Afternoon ticket / 11 point ticket / 2-day ticket / Family 1-day ticket / Beginner ticket / Mountain climbing ticket (With round trip gondola)
  • Classification
    ・Adults and children (4 years old to junior high school students and younger)
    ・All day, weekends and public holidays / weekdays (High teen discount, senior discount)
  • * In addition, season tickets are also available.
    * Please check official website for prices and details.
  • ■Rental
    Ski set (Skis, boots & ski poles) / Skis / Ski boots / Ski poles / Snowboard set (Board & boots) / Snowboard board / Snowboard boots / Wear top & bottom / Wear (Top only / bottom only) / Winter long boots
  • ◎Full rental pack
    One-day pass (Set with Takasu Snow Park & DYNALNAD) + Wear set + Board set + Hat, goggles & gloves
    * You can bring your hat, goggles, and gloves home.
  • ◎Season ticket for renting around Chubu area
    ・Ski set (Skis, boots & ski poles)・Skis set (Skis & boots) Designated ski resorts
    ・Takasu Snow Park・DYNALAND・Washigatake Ski Resort・Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort
  • ■School
    SIA Official Takasu Snow Park School / JSBA Official Japan Snowboard Academy Takasu School / SAJ Official Takasu Snow Park Ski School
    * Contents and fees vary. Please check official website for details.
  • ■Snow playing area
    ◎Kids Park
    There is safe and secure area with different variety of games.
    Kids park with a covered moving belt with a total length of 70 m
    ・Snow playing area
    ・Fluffy slide
    ・Snowmobile Land (Weekends and public holidays only)
    Kids events are held every weekend.
  • Entry fee 700JPY (2 years old and above)
    * Free entrance for those who have a one-day lift ticket on the day.
  • Snowmobile Land 1,000JPY (6 years old and above)
    * 15 minutes for driving (Including 5 minutes lecture time)
  • ◎Family space
    Family space on 2F of center house where you can eat while watching your children
    ・Kids room
    ・Child room
    ・Amenity room with private nursing room
    Free of charge (09:00 – 16:00)
  • ■Nearby hot springs
    Yunohira Onsen, Futakoe Onsen
  • ■Other attractions
    ◎Superb view “beach” cafe above the clouds
    Taking a gondola to go to the mountaintop cafe.
    You can see a panoramic view of sea of clouds from the terrace seat.
    And more
  • You can also use only TAKASU TERRACE.
    * Gondola round-trip ticket is required
    * Please see official website for prices.
  • ■Remarks
    * Please check official website for details.

Takasu Snow Park

Relax at a day trip hot spring
after skiing

One-day hot springs are located throughout Gujo-shi. Some of them are located next to ski resorts. Relaxing at a hot spring before returning home after enjoying winter sports for a whole day is highly recommended!

hot spring

Get your food and souvenir
at Roadside Station

Make a stop at those roadside station on your way home from skiing or snowboarding, you can fully enjoy the attractiveness of Gujo, such as having local cuisine, buying popular farm products, and visiting tourist information centers.

 Roadside Station