Wara Area Roadside Station Wara

Wara Area Roadside Station Wara

Wara Area Roadside Station Wara

An energetic roadside station
at this longevity town


Roadside Station Wara along National Route 256 is located between Gujo Hachiman and Gero Onsen, both of which are about a 30-minute drive away. There are free rest area and coffee shop equipped with road information for you to relax.
You should definitely visit this souvenir shop Chinchiroya. They have a wide variety of specialties such as locally made Moromi Miso (Miso with beans) and -side dishes made with yuzu. Famous snack of this shop is “Choju-dango (Longevity rice dumpling)”. Mitarashi-dango (Skewered rice dumplings with sweet soy glaze), made in tofu, is having a soft and gentle taste. It is an original dumpling of this shop. It has an unusual shape like Tofu Dengaku (Grilled tofu with sweet miso paste). It is a popular product with fans who come to buy it many times.
At the all-weather Wara Sports Park, you can enjoy tennis and Japanese croquet without getting wet in the rain. It is located in a place with beautiful nature. You can see lightning bugs in the nearby river around June too.

Address 1155, Wara-cho Miyaji, Gujo-shi, Gifu-ken, 501-4507
Tel 0575-77-2353
Opening hour 08:00 – 17:00
Holiday Tuesday, New year holiday season
Parking area Available (93 lots for ordinary cars, 3 lots for buses, 1 lots for disabled)
Remarks Free Wi-Fi

Roadside Station Wara