Minami Area Roadside Station Minami

Minami Area Roadside Station Minami

Minami Area Roadside Station Minami

A roadside station seeing clear stream
Nagaragawa River


As the entrance of Gujo, Roadside Station Minami, located along National Route 156, is seeing clear stream Nagaragawa River. It is ideal for taking breaks while driving. Enjoy a cup of morning coffee with toast and boiled egg, Udon noodles, Soba noodles, Hida beef croquette or curry Kei-chan for lunch. A rare mulukhiya and local blueberry soft serve ice cream is available for dessert. At the product and souvenir corner, in addition to Minami’s specialties, handmade side dishes, lunch boxes, and Hoba sushi (Magnolia leaves sushi) are for sale. We also recommend this luxurious lunch box “Minami Gottsu Bento” (Reservation required 4 days in advance) using all local ingredients. Fresh vegetables, wild vegetables, and flowers are lining up local farmer’s direct sales shop, Shunsai Ichiba. Why don’t you refresh your tired body while listening to clear stream Nagaragawa River here?

Address 〒501-4101 岐阜県郡上市美並町上田2605
Tel 0575-79-3886
Opening hour 08:00 – 18:00 (Opens until 17:00 from November to February)
Cafeteria 08:00 – 17:30 (Opens until 16:30 from November to February)
Holiday 31st December and 1st January
Parking area Available (33 lots for ordinary cars, 10 lots for buses, 2 lots for disabled)
Remarks Diaper changing room, disabled parking lot / toilet,
free Wi-Fi spot
Official website https://jm-minami.com

Roadside Station Minami