Meiho Area Roadside Station Meiho (Surusumi-no-sato Park)

Meiho Area Roadside Station Meiho (Surusumi-no-sato Park)

Meiho Area Roadside Station Meiho (Surusumi-no-sato Park)

Winning “Excellence Award” at National Road Station Grand Prix 2000


Roadside Station Meiho (Surusumi-no-sato Park) is located along the Hida Mino Seseragi Kaido, one of the leading driving routes in Tokai area connecting Gujo Hachiman and Hida Takayama. It is popular with many tourists as it has a great view of rural mountain village. You can see the fresh greenery in spring and the red leaves in autumn and the beautiful Yoshidagawa River.
In the center of this large site, a famous horse named “Surusumi” was the beloved horse of Kajiwara Kagesue, who was active in the battle in 1184. A magnificent statue is erected here as Meiho was its hometown.
This roadside station is full of local and neighboring specialties and souvenirs, including Meiho ham and Meiho tomato ketchup. There is restaurant where you can buy fried Meiho ham and Meiho Frankfurter. There is also a Meiho ham vending machine in the restaurant. “Okamisan”, a restaurant run by Meiho Ladies, which manufactures Meiho tomato ketchup, is serving traditional Gujo dishes prepared by local mothers. Daily set meals with Meiho’s local cuisine Tsugijiru and Kei-chan are very popular.

Address 1015, Meiho Otani, Gujo-shi, Gifu-ken, 501-4301
Tel 0575-87-2395
Opening hour 09:00 – 18:00 (Depends on different shops)
Holiday Opens everyday (Some shops have regular holiday)
Parking area Available (120 lots for ordinary cars, 4 lots for buses, 2 lots for disabled)
Remarks Free Wi-Fi, EV charger

Roadside Station Meiho Surusumi-no-sato Park