Feel the Summer Breeze from a Plateau! Driving Route for Family during Early Summer
Feeling the Fresh Summer Breeze while
Having Fun at Gujo in Early Summer!

Train running around the park at Bokka-no-sato is highly recommended!

Meotodaki Waterfall is located near to the parking lots so children can walk there.

This time we are going to introduce you a driving route at Hirugano-kogen (Hirugano Plateau) for family in early summer. This driving route would be your perfect memory with family by playing with animals and enjoying barbecue.

Meotodaki Waterfall
車icon 3 min.
Takasu Farmers
徒歩icon 2 min.
Hirugano Bog Botanical Garden
車icon 3 min.
Lunch at OWL
車icon 10 min.
Riding horse
車icon 7 min.
車icon 40 min.
Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato
Yamato Onsen Yasuragikan

Meotodaki Waterfall

Take your family photo with this waterfall!

Heading north for 10 minutes from Takasu Interchange towards National Route 156, you will see the waterfall on the upper stream of Nagaragawa River. That is Meotodaki Waterfall. It is made up of two waterfalls with height 17m, so it is called Meotodaki, means husband and wife in Japanese. You can fully feel the negative ion near to the basin. This waterfall is located near to the parking area. As you do not need to walk too long, children can come without any worries!

It is a powerful waterfall spot for family.

<C_021>Feel the Summer Breeze from a Plateau! Driving Route for Family during Early Summer

Visitors can go near to the basin and feel the water splash and sound.

Although it is only 2 minutes’ walk from parking area, we suggest you wear a pair of comfortable sneakers as path is unpaved.

3 min.

Takasu Farmers

The most famous handmade soft serve ice cream from Hirugano-kogen!

Hirugano-kogen is located at altitude of 900m. Tourism and agriculture are thriving because of its cool climate. Takasu Farmers is using Hirugano milk which is treated by pasteurization for making soft serve ice cream. Many fans love it so much! Cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are all recommended for souvenirs.

Soft serve ice cream is rich but fresh!

Milk, cheese and other dairy products are all available.

Hirugano milk is pasteurized with a rich taste.

2 min.

Hirugano Bog Botanical Garden

A place connecting the past and today

Before it was cultivated, Hirugano-kogen was a piece of wetland. It was cultivated after the war. People’s life is completely changed. Hirugano Bog Botanical Garden still remain the same wetland as before.
Visitors can see plants inside a wetland. Please enjoy your visit while feeling wind blowing from Mount Dainichigatake. Hare’ tail cottongrass and Japanese iris are in full bloom in June.

Hirugano-kogen is a valuable place to see the history of this place present and the past.

White feather of cottongrass swaying in the wind is so cute!

Japanese iris is blooming near the water.

3 min.

Lunch at OWL

Having spaghetti on a terrace seat

OWL is an Italian restaurant located on the plateau seeing the whole view of Hirugano-kogen. We recommend you take seats on the terrace! Three spaghettis are available for you to choose. Hirugano radish salad, soup, bread and drink are coming with your lunch. You can try the taste of Hirugano-kogen in this restaurant.

Seat on the terrace is highly recommended when the weather is good.

Three kinds of spaghetti are available.

<C_021>Feel the Summer Breeze from a Plateau! Driving Route for Family during Early Summer

Adults can also try this handmade swing. You can play like a child here.

10 min.

Riding horse experience

Horses are very gentle. No need to worry!

How about riding a horse after your lunch? As horses are all very gentle and staff will help you in the whole process, you do not need to worry even if it is your first time to ride. Visitors can experience leading horse inside the fences at Bokka-no-sato. Riding outside at Hirugano Kisouma Farm is also very popular.

See all the horse-riding spot (Takasu Tourism Association Official Homepage)

Even small kids can ride.

If you are ready, you can try to ride outside the farm.

You can try leading a horse at Bokka-no-sato.

7 min.


Seeing colorful flowers and playing with animals is so fun!

Bokka-no-sato is a farm with many kinds of animals. Other than feeding cows, sheep and alpacas, seasonal flower garden is also a must-see! Bokka-no-sato is a amusement park for adults and kids. There are bakery and fast-food shop inside the park. You can take a break when you feel tired.

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<C_021>Feel the Summer Breeze from a Plateau! Driving Route for Family during Early Summer

There are 8 alpacas in the park waiting for you.

Seasonal garden is one of the superb view spots!

Alpaca bread at Kogen Bakery is very cute and popular!

40 min.

Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato

Buying souvenir at this roadside station.

After enjoying early summer in Gujo, let go purchasing souvenir! Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato is a facility located inside the nature, just like a Japanese poem. As there are too many souvenirs in Gujo, you may think it is too difficult to decide. The most recommended is Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato original Kei-chan (Stir fried chicken with miso sauce)! They use chicken from Gifu-ken and local Gujo miso to make it. The taste of local miso is very rich that makes it so popular! You can try adding vegetable when you cook it at home.

Original Kei-chan using local miso is one of the most popular products here. It is loved by all people from elderly to kids.

A roadside station located in a nature which is like what you can see in a Japanese poem.

There are too many products in the shop. It is difficult to choose.


Yamato Onsen Yasuragikan

A hot spring born from concept of “Having fun in hot spring”!

Our last destination of our driving trip is a hot spring! Yamato Hot Spring Yasuragikan also has another name called “Kototoi-no-yu”. This hot spring has a concept of “Having fun at hot springs”. It was rebuilt from Shinden-zukuri (Domestic palatial architecture in Heian era) to a Japanese modern building. Massage bath, pottery bath, Gujo field stone bath and many other types of baths are all available. Bath with a slide is very popular with kids. There is also a restaurant, a shop and a free large rest place for you to take a rest after bathing.

Adults and kids can enjoy various kinds of bath with the concept of “Having fun at hot springs”.

Spacious facility with a restaurant and a large hall.

A modern Japanese building remade from Shinden-zukuri.

Map of surrounding area