Roadside Station Kokindenju-no-sato Yamato


Roadside Station Kokinden-no-sato Yamato, surrounded by abundant nature, spread the history and culture of Japanese poems to future generations. It is not only a tourist information center, but also sell local products . There are various facilities such as footbath (Free of charge), restaurant providing local cusines, ice cream and yogurt workshop.
At "Kanihasakura", we select and use Gujo Ayu carefully according to the season, such as Yana fishing Ayu, hand net fishing Ayu, and child-bearing Ayu. Not to mention the freshness, traditional hearth-grilled Ayu is excellent!

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Knowing the History of Japanese Poems and Enjoying a Nice Hot Spring!

Basic Information

501-4612 Yamato-cho, Gujo-shiTsurugi 164 
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Gifu Yamato Interchange7 minutes
Public transportation
10 minutes walk from Gujo Yamato Station of Nagaragawa Railway
Parking lots
Kutsurogi Bar
Ordinary cars 53 lots, buses 5 lots, for disabled 5 lots, for elderlies & babies 1 lots
Yamato Hot Spring
Ordinary cars 153 lots, buses 3 lots, for disabled 2 lots
Telephone Number
Opening hours
09:00 - 18:00 (Winter Dec - Mid Mar 09:00 - 17:00) * Depends on shops
Regular holiday
Tuesday (Close on the next day when Tue is a public holiday), Year end & New year holiday, 12/31 - 1/1 * May close because of maintenance
Official Web site
Free Wi-Fi, free roadside station Wi-Fi
Emergency generator equipped
Multipurpose toilet available (24 hours)
Toilet for emergency equipped

Facility service


Not support

For those with small children

  • Nursing room
  • Diaper changing table
  • kids space

Barrier-free service

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Ramp/elevator installed
  • omoiyari parking lot

For those with pets

  • Pets allowed
  • Space for pets available
  • Can be accompanied by a carry-on bag

Services for International Visitors

  • Foreign language menus
    English / Simplified Chinese / Chinese / Korean
  • Foreign language customer service
    ( English /Chinese / Cantonese /Korean )
  • Ingredient details in foreign language
    ( English /Simplified Chinese / Chinese /Korean )

Cashless support

  • Credit card
    ( VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners / Union Pay )
  • Electronic payment

Speedy charger Natural hot spring footbath All 24 hours Western toilets Electric generator for emergency are available.

Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

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