Heading to Minami-kodakaraonsen by Nagaragawa Railway!

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Posted date: 2022-02-22 Last updated: 2022-08-09

Get on Nagaragawa Railway again and see other faces of Nagaragawa River

After enjoying hot spring, food, shopping and walking, it is time to go home. The signal at the resting place shows the arrival time of train telling us about our train for Hokuno is coming. Our next destination is Gujo Hachiman.

Kodakaranoyu_31 Kodakaranoyu_32

After passing a few bridges on Nagaragawa River, the scenery of river changes from time to time. This 25-minute ride goes so fast.

Kodakaranoyu_33 Kodakaranoyu_34

After we get off Gujo Hachiman Station, a large wooden station with wooden crossing bridge makes sound when you walk through. It is interesting!

Kodakaranoyu_35 Kodakaranoyu_36 Kodakaranoyu_37

There is still some time before sunset, we are going to take a walk around in Gujo Hachiman. As the station is a bit far to the town center of around 20 minutes’ walk, you may take a bus or taxi, but we decide to borrow bicycles this time. We are going to the castle town which is also called Little Kyoto Okumino!

Kodakaranoyu_38 Kodakaranoyu_39 Kodakaranoyu_40

Our journey with Nagaragawa Railway to a hot spring is so fun! Nagaragawa River is very beautiful and Kodakara-onsen surrounded by the nature is relaxing. I have a clam and quiet day forgetting all troubles in daily life. We only visit the hot spring this time. We would like to walk around the town and spend a whole day in the bath next time. Make a great plan and enjoy your time here in Gujo Hachiman!

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