Most Recommended Souvenir at Hirugano-kogen!
Best 5 Souvenirs You Can Buy at Hirugano-kogen SA & Kukkula Hirugano

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Posted date: 2022-02-22 Last updated: 2022-08-09

Recommended souvenirs at Hirugano-kogen SA and Kukkula Hirugano!

(1) Taste you can only find in Hirugao-kogen! Local milk “Hirugao-kogen milk”

Kukkula Hirugano_17

Takasu Farmers / Hirugano-kogen milk

200ml 200JPY, 900ml 1020JPY (Without container 850JPY) (With tax)

* Price in June 2020

Available at Hirugano-kogen SA, Kiitos at Kukkula Hirugano

Hirugano-kogen located at the northeast part of Gujo-shi with altitude of 900m, is cool during summer which is suitable for dairy farming. Milk, from cows living in this huge pasture, is supported by the locals. Dairymen selected the best milk with pasteurization of 75 degrees for 15 minutes. The texture is smooth and soft, but the taste is rich and sweet. It is more delicious to drink under the comfy breeze! The bottle used to contain milk is nostalgic that is suitable for souvenir! Other sweets and cheese made from this milk are popular too!

(2) Smooth texture and smell of cheese spread throughout your mouth!

Kukkula Hirugano_18

Bokka-no-sato / Gujo Pudding

390JPY (With tax) * Price in June 2020

Available at Hirugano-kogen SA

Try one mouth of this creamy pudding is melting inside your mouth. “Gujo Premium Pudding” is made from milk from dairy cattle in Hirugano-kogen mixing with 3 kinds of cheese including Camembert cheese, Caciocavallo cheese both from Hirugano-kogen and cream cheese from Hokkaido, and fresh eggs from Gujo Hachiman Cokkecocco Village. As the ingredients are fresh, they do not add extra flavor. The mild sweetness and rich flavor of cheese and milk make a good balance. Although this pudding is small, I am so satisfied. Because it is under the supervision of Patissier Mr Hiroshi Tokoro who created the famous egg pudding in Pastel, the smooth and rich taste is really unforgettable. The package is suitable for gift too.

(3) Souvenir for sweets-lover! “HIRUGANO zucci”

Kukkula Hirugano_19

Taki Sweets / HIRUGANO zucci Hirugano strawberry

5 pieces in a box 1290JPY (With tax)

Available Kiitos at Kukkula Hirugano

HIRUGANO zucci is shortbread with strawberry custard filling. Strawberries are from Hirugano-kogen. Flour for making shortbread is from Gifu-ken, rice flour is from Gujo-shi and eggs are from Gujo Hachiman Cokkecocco Village. The texture of the shortbread is crunchy but moist. Strawberry custard base is a mixture of cream cheese and custard cream made from Hirugano-kogen’s milk and Cokkecocco’s eggs. It matches with sour sweetness of strawberry. Let the frozen pudding defrost for 30 minutes and become like cheesecake or try it in frozen like ice cream. The package looks good that is suitable for gift for colleagues, family or friends.

Tel : 0575-83-1021 (Taki Sweets)

(4) Special cheese from a small cheese factory at Hirugano-kogen

Kukkula Hirugano_21

Wada Cheese / Soft Mozzarella cheese & smoked cheese

650JPY & 498JPY (With tax) * Price in June 2020

Available at Hirugano-kogen SA, Kiitos at Kukkula Hirugano

Milk, used for making this Wada cheese, are from dairy cattle raised by the water and pasture grass of Hirugano-kogen. Fresh cheese with natural sweetness and aged cheese with aging for over one month are popular. This small factory opened in 2014 in Hirugano-kogen is making cheese with different tastes according to the season and weather. Although there are too many good cheeses, we wanted to introduce to you, this time we only selected two of them. “Smoked cheese”, which is smoked by Sakura tree’s chip, tastes mild and the texture is chewy. You can taste it without cooking or put it into salad. “Soft Mozzarella cheese” is soft and smooth fresh cheese. You can feel the milky and creamy taste of fresh milk. Melt it with heat or put it on pizza or make caprese salad are recommended!

(5) Compare all the three flavor! Kei-chan, the local cuisine in Gujo

Kukkula Hirugano_22 Kukkula Hirugano_23

Kukkula Hirugano / Takasu Kei-chan (Miso, salt or soy sauce)

480JPY (With tax) each * Price in June 2020

Available at Hirugano-kogen SA, Pelt at Kukkula Hirugano

Kei-chan is one of the local cuisines in Gifu-ken. It is a stir-fried chicken and vegetable which are soaked with seasoning. Factories in Gujo are selling Kei-chan in different flavors. Comparing the differences is also interesting. Takasu Kei-chan made at the factory in Kukkula Hirugano is made from 100% Japanese chicken which is soft. It goes so well with rice. There are 3 kinds of flavor on sale here, Gujo miso sauce base known as the “Original Kei-chan”, spring onion with salt and special soy sauce. Stir fried chicken with cabbage can increase the sweetness of chicken! Of course, you can cook it with the original way, but using spring onion flavor chicken to make deep fried chicken tastes good too!

Kukkula Hirugano_24

How do you think about the 5 recommended souvenirs introduced? All of them are delicious with their own characteristics. Other than the above 5 products, there are still many special local foods. If you plan to go to Hirugano-kogen, don’t forget to pay a visit to Hirugano-kogen SA and Kukkula Hirugano and choose your souvenirs!

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