The fantastic “Home of Wara Hotaru Village where countless lightning bugs dance in the clear stream
with the best Ayu and Japanese giant salamander in Japan

Wara-cho is located in the east of Gujo-shi. Surrounded by mountains and clear streams of Waragawa River, Wara has been a town with a long history since Heian era (794 – 1185). Wara Village was born by combing with neighboring villages in 1894 and joined Gujo-shi by merger with towns and villages in 2004. Japan’s best Ayu (Sweetfish), Wara Ayu, and Japanese giant salamander, which is a Special Natural Monument, are living here in Wara. Furthermore, in early summer, lightning bugs fly around filling the river surface. You can see fantastic scenery. You can also find the scenery of Japan that is hard to see in modern times here in Wara.

The secret of Waragawa River, where Ayu and Japanese giant salamander grow

Tradition of early summer! A paradise for Wara Hotaru spread by a good reputation

Wara Hotaru Map