Gujo Hachiman Cityscape - A Castle Town Lives with a Clear Stream

Attracted by the pure water and history
Let us head to the castle town where people live

Gujo Hachiman area, spreads from north to south along Yoshidagawa River, one of the tributaries of Nagaragawa River, is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Gujo Hachiman Castle is looking down various parts of the castle town. Along with the old townscape designated as an Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Building in Japan, there are water streams everywhere like spring water, water tanks, and waterways that go around the city. You can catch a glimpse of the lives of people with water which is also an attraction of Gujo Hachiman. In addition, 13 temples are built in a small area. You can feel the deep connection between life and faith. We are going to introduce the quaint cityscape with plenty of attractiveness.

Gujo Hachiman Castle

Map of 13 temples at Gujo Hachiman

Map of 13 temples at Gujo Hachiman

Sightseeing base with old buildings

Gujo Hachiman tourist guide