Culture of Yana Fishery and Ayu cuisine
Culture of Yana Fishery and Ayu cuisine

Culture of Yana Fishery and Ayu cuisine

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What is Yana fishery?

Yana fishery is a traditional fishing method by building a saw-shaped scaffold made of wood or bamboo in the river to form a group for spawning and catch Ayu that descend the river. It was originally introduced from China. Yana fishery is also practiced in various parts of Japan, but you can see Yana fishery for sightseeing only in Gujo. In order to protect the precious natural environment and Ayu living here, the fishing period is set for only three months from August to October every year and some restaurants only use materials from Yana field. We have protected the culture of Yana fishery with the support of the whole region.

The reason why Gujo Ayu has been praised by many people including the Emperor as a high-class Ayu for a long time is its mellow scent and its neat appearance. River flow of Yanaba in Gujo-shi is relatively faster. Algae which is food for Ayu, can grow easily in this new environment. Fresh algae feed Ayu making it tastier! Together with Gujo Ayu, Wara Ayu is also a highly evaluated fish. The rarity and unique bitterness fascinating all people can only be found in Kisogawa River in Wara-cho, which is close to water source in Gujo.

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Yana fishery and Ayu cuisine are known as summer tradition in Gujo. But in fact, from late September to late October, Ochi Ayu going down the river for spawning, is the greasiest. There are more than 200 Ayu descending the river at the same time. Since the time, when Ayu descends the river, is determined by the hours of sunshine and water temperature, the exact time of Ochi Ayu changes from year to year, many regular customers still come to visit during this time.

One of the great attractions of sightseeing Yana is that you can actually experience Yana fishery. Depending on different Yana field, you can see how Ayu is caught. You can also get off at Yana field and catch Ayu by hand. Surface of Yana is close to the surface of a large river. It is more powerful than you can imagine. When there are many Ayu coming to you, all children and adults are very excited! Yana fishery is also popular as a summer leisure activity only in Gujo.

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