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A market where you can find local Meiho vegetables.

A vegetable and flower seedling sales corner in Road Station Meiho. Local farmers offer seasonal fresh vegetables and flower seedlings at a reasonable price. In 2016, a fresh market and specilty corner selling vegetable have become a one-floor wide large sales floor.
In spring, wild vegetables such as bracken, cod buds, and Wasabina. Tomatoes, cucumbers and corn in summer. New rice, pumpkin, sweet potato, red taro and mountain yam in autumn. In winter, seasonal vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and radish are lined up. Tomatoes grown in areas with large temperature differences between day and night during summer are famous for their deliciousness.

Next to the specilty corner on the same floor, Meiho regional brands such as "Meiho Ham", "Meiho Tomato Ketchup", "Meiho Chicken" and "Meiho Gibier" are for sale in the center of the store. In addition, there are a wide variety of excellent products from Meiho and Gifu, making it the perfect place to choose souvenirs and gifts for your trip.

Basic Information

501-4301 Meiho, Gujo-shiOhtani 1015Around 20 minutes from Gujo Hachiman IC 
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Tokai Hokuriku ExpresswayAround 20 minutes from Gujo Hachiman IC
Parking lots
Please use parking lots at Roadside Station Meiho (Ordinary cars 120 lots , buses 8 lots, for disabled 2 lots )
Telephone Number
Opening hours
Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 (Weekends & public holidays 08:00 - 18:00)
Regular holiday
Opens everyday * May close depends on condition
Official Web site

Facility service


Not support

For those with small children

  • Nursing room
  • Diaper changing table
  • kids space

Barrier-free service

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Ramp/elevator installed
  • omoiyari parking lot

For those with pets

  • Pets allowed
  • Space for pets available
  • Can be accompanied by a carry-on bag

Services for International Visitors

  • Foreign language menus
    English / Simplified Chinese / Chinese / Korean
  • Foreign language customer service
    ( English /Chinese / Cantonese /Korean )
  • Ingredient details in foreign language
    ( English /Simplified Chinese / Chinese /Korean )

Cashless support

  • Credit card
    ( VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners / Union Pay )
  • Electronic payment

A morning market selling fresh and reasonable local vegetables, flowers and seedling

Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

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