#Gujo Hachiman

Making Soba noodles from the first generation in Showa era.

The third-generation of a long-established Soba restaurant located along Yoshidagawa River, near Sogisui. Freshly made Soba using Gujo's famous water and domestic buckwheat flour has a chewy and chewy texture. Seats are decorated with ink paintings and Japanese paintings, so you can eat while seeing Yoshidagawa River from the window seats on the first floor.

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Basic Information

501-4216 Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shiHonmachi 870 
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Gujo Hachiman Interchange5 minutes
Public transportation
20 minutes walk from Gujo Hachiman Station of Nagaragawa Railway
Parking lots
Ordinary cars 6 lots , vans 2 lots
Telephone Number
Opening hours
11:00 - 16:00, Weekends & public holidays 11:00 - 17:00 (May change during Gujo Odori Dance Festival and Golden week, please check in advance)
Regular holiday
New year holiday only
Official Web site
Total 54 seats (1F 42 seats, 2F 12 seats) No smoking.

Facility service


Not support

For those with small children

  • Nursing room
  • Diaper changing table
  • kids space

Barrier-free service

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Ramp/elevator installed
  • omoiyari parking lot

For those with pets

  • Pets allowed
  • Space for pets available
  • Can be accompanied by a carry-on bag

Services for International Visitors

  • Foreign Language Menu
    ( English / Simplified Chinese / Chinese / Korean )
  • Foreign language customer service
    ( English /Chinese / Cantonese /Korean )
  • Ingredient details in foreign language
    ( English /Simplified Chinese / Chinese /Korean )

Cashless support

  • Credit card
    ( VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners / Union Pay )
  • Electronic payment

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Neko chief editor

Neko chief editor

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