Chitora Hakusan-jinja Amazake Festival

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A festival, which has long been called "One Nagataki Silk Moth Festival and Second Chitora Amazake Festival" at Mino Banba of Hakusan worship, used to boil Amazake in a cauldron. All villagers are called by names one by one and received a bowl of Amazake, and when all of them had finished drinking, they all scream around the cauldron and finish the remaining Amazake. The festival takes place on the first Sunday of March.

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Chitora Amazake Festival has been passed from ancient times at Chitora Hakusan-jinja Shrine. Performers of ritual ceremonial dance (Kagura) departs from the local public hall at noon and arrives at the shrine. After dedicating Kagura dance, Amazake (Sweet drink) is distributed among people. Amazake boiled in a large pot is distributed to worshipers praying for good health.

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Neko chief editor

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