Entering the sanctuary place. Going to the origin of outdoor activity in Gujo, Amidagataki Waterfall. image

Entering the sanctuary place. Going to the origin of outdoor activity in Gujo, Amidagataki Waterfall.

Entering the sanctuary place means knowing the relationship between nature and people from the past. You can also know about the origin of outdoor activity in Gujo.

Life in Gujo is always related to water.
In Hakusan Faith, the mountain itself is a god, and the blessings of water from the mountains have nurtured and raised agricultural products and have enriched people's lives in Gujo. People were grateful while they were also afraid of nature. Local people were always living with nature. The history and culture had a deep impact on the lives of people living in Gujo, and are still preserved and inherited.

“Amidagataki Waterfall” is the reason why Gujo is called a sanctuary place.


This waterfall was discovered by monk Taicho, who opened up Mt Hakusan, after hearing from a goddess. It was once called “Nagataki”.
Since then, this waterfall has attracted many people as an important place in Hakusan Faith as a place for training.

In the 16th century, when Dogahoin from Hakusan Chugu Nagataki Dera Temple prayed for protection in the cave at the back of the waterfall, Amida Nyorai appeared. The name of Amidagataki Waterfall comes from this legend.

Amidagataki Waterfall with a head of about 60m is the best waterfall in Tokai region and has been selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan and 50 famous waterfalls in Gifu.
Because of its beauty, Katsushika Hokusai, a famous Ukiyo-e artist from Edo era, drew Ukiyo-e of the waterfall.

葛飾北斎画 木曽路ノ奥阿弥陀ヶ滝

A monument on the sidewalk of Amidagataki Waterfall on the walking path leading to the waterfall is engraved with the phrase saying, the rainbow and sound of the waterfall, by a poet from Ogaki. After seeing a beautiful rainbow appear from the basin, which can only be seen in the early morning conditions, he created this poem. You can feel the gaze of autumn.

虹を吐いて 夏をよせつけず 瀧の音

When I finally stood in front of the waterfall, my heart was filled with warmth.
During our busy daily life, we are exhausted without noticing. I can feel relieved releasing all my desire and sin after looking at the waterfall.


Fresh green in spring, deep green in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and snowy mountains in winter.
All four seasons and every moment create different colors. People have been coming to Amidagatake Waterfall for praying and healing since the ancient past. This waterfall is truly a symbol of this sanctuary place.

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