Outdoor activity can change your life

Getting surrounded by the greenery of the trees. Touching the clear water.
Swimming in the river.
Watching bonfire’s flame.
Touching the snow.
Or looking up at the starry sky...
If you want to experience such a moment in your life, please come and experience the nature of Gujo.
Feeling uplifted, harmonious, tolerant, and healing... Having a moment in nature with family, friends, or sometimes by yourself,
all do have an important meaning in your life.

“It is so good to meet them and see the nature in Gujo at that time!”

“Having fun in the mountains”, “Having fun in the river” and “Having fun in the city where nature is right beside you" are becoming part of your daily routine. Gujo, is the countryside for you to enjoy.
This website is a gateway to change your future by yourself.
Drive to nature. The Future changes

Beyond the sanctuary

Gujo City is located in the uppermost stream of Nagaragawa River flowing through the center of Gifu.
Water streams flowing through the mountains along with the Hakusan mountain range eventually join and become a large river.
You can see clear rivers and green valleys where sweetfish and trout are swimming, divine waterfalls, colored leaves like a painting drawn with colorful crayons, and a white silver world on the mountains over an altitude of 1,500m, Here is a place where people’s history and culture are developed, and it is also the stage of the mountain worship "Hakusan Faith”, has been continued since ancient times.
It is a field of gods.

Playing like Gujo means playing in the field of sacred gods.
Winter sports, trekking, camping, river rafting and canoeing, forest zip lines, and treetop adventures.
In the past, with awe and awe, we add "enjoyment" to the sacred natural environment, which was once involved as an object of faith and life, with the same awe. That is what we think of as a modern way of engaging with outside play = activity.
神域イメージ 前谷川
神域イメージ 阿弥陀ヶ滝
神域イメージ 長良川を見下ろす
神域イメージ 渓流
神域イメージ 長良川ラフティング
神域イメージ 長滝白山神社

Outdoor activity can change the future.

Around 90% of the natural environment, mainly forests, in Japan is now developed by humans.
These developed areas, which need maintenance by human, is gradually being abandoned as the population declines.
We now continue developing the environment through outdoor activities.
Through outdoor activities, the value of the natural environment is rediscovered, people regather together, and various cycles reoccur.
It can be a new approach to support the environment and the region itself in the future.

Please come and join our new cycles.
Your future and the region’s future may change through our outdoor activities. Both may get more and more exciting
Drive to nature. The Future changes