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Outdoor activity changes the future
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"GUJO Outdoor Experiences" was launched in 2020 as a tourist website specializing in outdoor activities in Gujo.
The mission of Gujo Outdoor Council operating this website is to make "outdoor activity changes the future" come true.

Gujo is a base of Hakusan Faith which has been going on for over 1,300 years.
Mountain is a sanctuary, the god itself.“Water of life” brought about by the mountains fertilizing crops and blessing people's lives.

In Gujo, we are living close to nature, outdoor activities are an extension of our daily lives.
We want to convey the fun of playing outside through various kinds of activities to as many people as possible.
We hope that Gujo can continue to have a strong relationship with nature 50 or 100 years later.

Gujo Outdoor Council Office
Representative of EARTHSHIP Mr Akira Mizuguchi

Mountain itself is a God Gujo. activities to play in the "sanctuary"

What we call "Outdoor activity" is an activity that reveres nature and adds "enjoyment" to it.
The characteristic of the field of Gujo is that Hakusan worship and living are linked.

When we think about what kind of activities we can provide by looking at the history, climbing up the mountain to worship Hakusan Faith at that time is just the same as trekking in the present day. Since ancient times, we have been catching fish in the river and transporting timber by draining down Nagaragawa River to Gifu-shi.
That is rafting.

When you look into the pictures, you can see people without wearing lifejackets are riding a log and descending the river with a pole.
How it is done may have changed. However, the way we relate to rivers and mountains is still going on. About 100 years ago, some places were difficult to pass through, our ancestors were nervous when passing those places. We remain the same when we pass nowadays, these all created our history and culture. That is a characteristic of Gujo,and "It didn’t change a bit!" is my recent thought. I want to tell everyone about outdoor activities are part of everyday life.

Outdoor activity changes your life

As we have such a historical background, one of the concepts we have is " Outdoor activity changes you."
Outdoor activities in Gujo can be a turning point.
I was born in Kyoto and moved to Gujo after graduating from university in Kyoto. The reason for moving may be an afterthought, but when I came to Gujo, people here looked happy.
About 30 years ago when I was a college student, there were a lot of old men living for Ayu and many people said, "Tomorrow, the condition of the river must be good, so I need to take a break from work and go fishing!"
I was so happy leaving a strong impression on me. At that time, I think it fits me so much that I did not want to get a permanent job.

Also, for customers who come from urban areas, when they come in contact with local people like us, they say, "I didn’t realize that there is such a way of life and lifestyle". They rethink their current lifestyle and future more. As I can see more and more options for my future beyond my common sense, I become more positive and energetic. Perhaps it was the same feeling that I felt in Gujo after looking at the old men who love fishing.

Especially ladies in their late twenties have to make too many choices.
What should she do with her work and marriage...? She can have some spaces and relationships which are different from everyday life.
She can refresh herself by having a place saying "Welcome back home".
I really think that outdoor activity has the potential to make a big change in your life.

Outdoor activity changes the future

When we experience outdoor activities, we can find the value of the natural environment, people gather, and various cycles occur.
The role of creating this opportunity is outdoor activity business.
It only takes about 2 hours from Nagoya to go rafting on Nagaragawa River, and all people are happy to say, "This is really beautiful!"
That was fine at first.
Our company has been operating for about 20 years and nearly 100,000 customers visited us. Our first customers who came to us are now becoming fathers and mothers, and they bring their children here and pass them on to the next generation.

In order to continue the outdoor activity as a business, it is not able to last long unless we have a good balance between ourselves, our customers, and the natural environment.
However, it should not be "having fun in outdoor activity" or "making money".

How do you create a relationship with nature? I would like to use this opportunity to connect outdoor activity as a business while thinking more deeply about it.

We, "Outdoor Business Council," are working together to create something big for moving toward the future of 50 or 100 years from now!

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