What is TAKASU MOUNTAINS, the largest snow resort area in Central and Western Japan? image

What is TAKASU MOUNTAINS, the largest snow resort area in Central and Western Japan?

Takasu-cho is the largest snow resort area in central and western Japan. It takes about 80 minutes to drive from Nagoya, about 3 hours from Kansai area, and about 2 hours from Chubu Centrair International Airport.

A snow resort area TAKASU MOUNTAINS was born in 2019. It is getting stronger and more popular among ski lovers.
We are going to introduce its attractive points and activities can be enjoyed this time!

Where is Takasu-cho?


Takasu-cho is located in the northwest part of Gujo with an area of around 100 sq km and 3,500 people living here. During ski season, over a 1.2million visitors are coming every year!


TAKASU MOUNTAINS consists of 6 ski resorts, Dynaland, Takasu Snow Park, Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort, Washigatake Ski Resort, WhitePia Takasu, and Gujo Kogen Vacance Mura Ski Resort, and 5 hotels. It is a huge joint snow resort that started operating in 2019.


Except for Gujo Kogen Vacance Mura Ski Resort, a common auto gate system is used at the 5 ski resorts. You can use one ticket (Common lift ticket in 5 ski resorts) to go skiing wherever you want. 1-day to 3-day tickets are convenient for guests staying at hotels and going skiing.

A free Takasu Snow Shuttle Bus (Timetable) is going around ski resorts and hotels. It also stops at Hirugano Kogen Service Area Bus Stop, a highway bus stop, making it more convenient to visit by public transportation.

Introducing ski slopes on TAKASU MOUNTAINS


ゲレンデマップ タカスダイナ

We are introducing all features of each ski slope.

“TakasuDyna” refers to Dynaland x Takasu Snow Park, which has the largest number of visitors in western Japan (*).
Ski slopes of two ski resorts are sharing the eastern part of Mt Dainichigatake. If you purchase a common ticket, you can choose and ski freely. The slope area is the largest in western Japan! The total skiing distance including the total length of the course is 43km! You can enjoy skiing on the vast slope.

(* Number of visitors in 2018-19 season is based on TakasuDyna research.)



If you are concerned about accessibility, WashiTopia made up of Washigatake Ski Resort x WhitePia Takasu is around 3 km from Takasu IC. It is the most accessible among all the ski resorts in TAKASU MOUNTAINS.
WhitePia Takasu is on the eastern slope of Mt Washigatake. You can see the magnificent view of the Hakusan mountain range from the mountaintop.

If you use a common ticket, you can come and go to the mountaintop of both ski resorts, to enjoy all 26 courses.

Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort


Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort, at an altitude of about 900m, is the only ski resort located along the national route in Gujo. You can find it at the end of National Route 156, along with Hirugano Kogen SA Smart IC to Yambiko Road.

This ski resort has a maximum length of 1500m and a single slope overlooking the entire area. The slope is only around 25 degrees at the maximum which means very gentle, making it an ideal ski resort for beginners and families. Even if you are waiting at the foot, you can see your child skiing from the top of the mountain!

Gujo Vacance Mura Ski Resort


Gujo Vacance Mura Ski Resort, a ski resort for beginners, is located inside the site of Gujo Vacance Mura Hotel. It is mostly used for skiing school or training. If you want to enjoy skiing leisurely, we recommend this ski resort!

Opening hours from early morning to late at night

During peak season, some ski resorts in TAKASU MOUNTAINS are operating throughout the day!

Time Saturday s, Sundays and public holidays Weekdays
From sunrise
WhitePia Takasu, Dynaland, Washigatake Ski Resort
07:30 Takasu Snow Park (Till 16:30)
Dynaland, WhitePia Takasu, Washigatake Ski Resort, Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort (Till 16:30) Dynaland, Takasu Snow Park, WhitePia Takasu, Washigatake Ski Resort, Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort (Till 16:30)
Gujo Vacance Mura Ski Resort (Till 16:00) Gujo Vacance Mura Ski Resort (Till 16:00)
Evening Washigatake Ski Resort (Till 17:45) Washigatake Ski Resort (Till 17:45)
Nighter Dynaland (18:00 – 23:00),Washigatake Ski Resort (16:00 – 23:30 * Saturday only) Dynaland (18:00 – 23:00)
Overnight Washigatake Ski Resort (16:00 – next morning 06:00 * Saturday only)

The normal opening hour is from 08:00 to 16:30.
Some ski resorts are operating early in the morning and some even open all night!

Please keep an eye on our evolving “TAKASU MOUNTAINS”!


Consists of 6 ski resorts and 5 ski hotels, “Dynaland”, “Takasu Snow Park”, “Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort”, “Washigatake Ski Resort”, “Whitepia Takasu”, “Kunigami Kogen Vacance Village Ski Resort”, creating a huge snow resort. They have started cooperating since 2019.

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