Experience at clear stream Nagaragawa River
The best River Activity ever!

Three major clear streams in Japan,
Nagaragawa River


Three major clear streams in Japan, Nagaragawa River Nagaragawa River has the best water quality among the three major clear streams in Japan. With the waterhead on Mt Dainichigatake and flowing into the Pacific Ocean after traveling for around 160km. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river with many fish and other creatures. It is a beautiful river supporting local people’s lives along the river.

川イメージ 長良川ラフティング

Activities you can join at Nagaragawa River

As you go downstream from the headwater, not only the width of the river but also the speed of the flow, the shape of the river, and the landscape change a lot. There are various ways to enjoy depending on locations such as the source, upstream, or middle. We are introducing river activities which can be enjoyed in each place.


Shower climbing

This is a river activity in which you can walk up a natural river valley at the headwater with a skilled tour guide. Exhilarating river activities for adults including jumping to a waterfall basin and sliding a natural waterslide are available.

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An activity where several people ride on a boat and use paddles to go down the river. It is very exciting to overcome the rapids appearing one after another, like riding a roller coaster. When you reach the goal by cooperating with your friends, you can feel an irreplaceable sense of accomplishment.

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It is a water activity that even beginners can join by riding on a stable board on a calm river and paddling the surface of the water. When you balance yourself according to the flow of the river, you can feel it very mysterious standing on the surface of the water even on a board.

Reason for joining river activities at Nagaragawa River

Thrilling rapid

According to grades 1 to 6 representing the difficulty of the river, Nagaragawa River is grade 3. It is not easy, and there are many big waves and obstacles along the river. Even beginners can enjoy these thrilling rapids without worries because your tour guide knowing all about Nagaragawa River is taking the lead.


Experienced tour guides

The tour guide who guides you with a sense of humor is very friendly just like your neighbors. Their love for Nagaragawa River is more than anyone else. How they care about nature is strong and cool, regardless of their gender.

Mountain stream

Local people’s lives along the river

As Nagaragawa River is passing through the living area of local people in Gujo, from the forest to the countryside, all the views along with the river change when you go down the river. You will never get bored.

神域イメージ 長良川ラフティング
神域イメージ 長滝白山神社
神域イメージ 前谷川
神域イメージ 阿弥陀ヶ滝
神域イメージ 長良川を見下ろす
神域イメージ 渓流
神域イメージ 長良川ラフティング
神域イメージ 長滝白山神社


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